Remove EXIF data from photos

Upload a photo to clear out all EXIF data and location info from it. This helps to protect your privacy and reduce the image file size.

or upload from URL

How to remove EXIF data from your pictures


Upload a photo

Upload a photo from your phone, computer, or any public URL.


Download cleared photo

Jimpl will strip all EXIF metadata and location data recorded in the photo and you can download it fully cleared.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to remove EXIF metadata?

EXIF data could reveal your privacy. If you share image with metadata others could see where you took the picture, on which phone or camera, which image editor you used, and other important details.

Do I need to care about photos I post on social media or in messengers?

Most of the popular social media and messengers remove metadata automatically from photos you upload to keep you protected. But there are still a lot of places on the Internet that don't do it so you need to be careful.

Can I stop my phone from recording GPS location tags in photos?

Yes, both iPhone and Android have an option to disable photo geotagging. Particular steps vary from the device's model and operating system version. Also, some digital cameras record GPS coordinates so it's always worth checking your exact case.

Except for privacy, is there any other profit from removing the metadata?

Yes, EXIF data also increase the file size of the image. Sometimes you could save up to 30% of the size by just removing the metadata. If you are a site owner this could help to speed up site load and reduce the traffic costs.